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Veterinary Microbial Diseases


Tick Identification Key


Parasite Image Collection

Current Issues in Animal Disease


  • Faecal Egg Counts
  • Faecal Protozoal ID
  • Skin Scrape
    • fungal
    • mite
  • Blood Parasites

Current Issues in Animal Disease

  • Seasonal Canine Illness
  • Herbal Tick Control
















Welcome to my Animal Disease website

These pages are dedicated to my personal research interests, past present and future. They contain general background information, as well as current and completed research in the field of Veterinary Microbiology and Parasitology, relating to production animals, companion animals and equines.
These pages are designed to provide students in higher (and possibly secondary) education with some initial subject specialist information, in support of their work or interests (e.g. essay, assignment, exams or general interests).
These pages are also designed to provide subject specialist information to professionals and consumers with related interests or specific queries. Particular attention is given to Current Issues in Animal Disease where views of new developments in treatment and prevention ans well as emerging diseases are shared.

The current subjects are listed in the index on the left, and will be updated as more data becomes available.
Please feel free to contact me with comments and suggestions.